About Melissa Love

Obsessively pagan, Melissa has been practicing for 20 years. She learned ritual officiating in Dublin under the Pagan Federation of Ireland, and has researched many paths from High Ceremonial to Green Hedgejumping and (possibly) everything between.
She lives in Long Beach with the loves of her life: her husband, cat, and an empathic 2 year old.



Love Rites was started because I couldn't find anyone to officiate my own wedding. After that, I couldn't find anyone to help me with a more spiritual baby shower, free from the consumist ideals that surrounded me every day.


Most of the time, we start doing stuff ourselves because we can't find a suitable person to do it for us. We dabble and eventually have enough knowledge to do it for others. That is exactly how I started Love Rites.​






I'll never forget the first time I was invited to participate in a Handfasting.

The Pagan Federation of Ireland is the main, accomplished group of brilliant and loving individual practitioners who organize and officiate all the rituals that happen in Ireland. It was with these beautiful souls that I truly decided that this was what I was meant to do. Bringing pagans together, in love, was one of the most electrifying rites I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. A true handfasting, one that spans time and space, one that binds souls to one another, is a serious, and yet so joyful, event that I hope to give anyone who desires this sacred tying of knots.






You are a magickal person. It's only fair that your rituals are as unique and beautiful as you.

I am here to help you fall in love with your path all over again. What we do together will boost your evolution and fire you up. After each rite, my goal is to make you feel in love with your path, in love with yourself and in love with all whom you have chosen to witness this important transition with you.

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