About Melissa Love

Obsessively pagan, Melissa has been practicing for 20 years. She learned ritual officiating in Dublin under the Pagan Federation of Ireland, and has researched many paths from High Ceremonial to Green Hedgejumping and (possibly) everything between.
She lives in Long Beach with the loves of her life: her husband, 4 year old witchlet and a neurotic black cat.

For Each Life



Our lives are full of evolution and growth.


Our society has forgotten many of the rituals our ancestors have practiced for centuries marking the stages of growth. This has led to imbalances of confusion and angst within teenagers, unable to understand if they should act like children or adults and whether they should be treated as such; and the complete rejection of our elders, ignoring and forgetting the wealth of knowledge they have to share.


Ritual to Validate our



Our rituals used to mean something.

Weddings have become this show of wealth and ridiculous compromising for the couple. No longer is it about their union and who they are as a whole. It is about their parents and what they might think. It is about how much you can spend. It is about everyone else and everyone's comfort and beliefs.

The baby showers have become about how many presents we can give and silly games. But what happened to the sacred nature of welcoming the MOM into her new role, the real support that she needs?

When a loved one is terminally ill, yes, we go to counselling and try to sit with them so they aren't alone. But do you listen to their fears? Do you know what they really want?

Ceremony is to mark a space and time for our growth, our inevitable transitions through this existence. Of course they come and go without ceremony all the time. But truly marking it, laying out all the new responsibility, all the advice needed, surrounded by family and friends who truly care about you and your journey? Now, that is truly magickal.

For Pagans, Atheists,

Agnostics, and Spiritualists


You are a magickal person. It's only fair that your rituals are as unique and beautiful as you.

I am here to help you fall in love with your path all over again. What we do together will boost your evolution and fire you up. After each rite, my goal is to make you feel in love with your path, in love with yourself and in love with all whom you have chosen to witness this important transition with you.